• Sz. Serwatka, M. Mucha, cooperation with P. Kassák
    15th Air Force From Italy to Poland
    "Lotnicze Dziedzictwo 2003" series, (Aviation Heritage 2003 project), Biuro Usług Komputerowych Stanisław Smaga, Dębica, June 2003

    We have begun our interest in the American aircraft over Poland in the early 1990s. At that point we did not know how many stories of men and their machines we would encounter. This hobby was then an adventure to us - we could feel closer to the Fortresses, Liberators, Mustangs and Lightnings we have so much admired. But as we began to learn the fates of their crewmen, the careless excitement turned into a grown up reflection. Very quickly we have stopped to envy the fighter pilots and bomber gunners. We have learned how great risks, how much combat stress, how much fear and sorrow after lost friends these young men not knowing much about adult life had to take. For too many of them our dream machines witnessed the last moments of their lives. This knowledge has changed our attitude to our interest. We perceive it now as a mission dedicated to commemorate the sacrifice and the losses of American airmen over Poland in fight for our freedom. The debt towards their generation we repay by writing down the crew stories, accompanying the veterans to the places related to their wartime experiences and looking for even smallest aircraft wreckage as dear souvenirs for the crews survivors. Although this book includes only a few crew stories let it be a tribute to all American airmen who fought in World War Two over our homeland. Let the book be a reminder of the times when young boys grew up too quickly - under enemy fire, with death as closest companion. Of the times when ordinary doing one’s job required unordinary courage and people were becoming heroes against their own desires.

  • Sz. Serwatka
    452nd Bomb Group, 8th Air Force 8th Air Force 15th Air Force White stars over Europe
    Społeczny Komitet Budowy Pomnika Lotników Amerykańskich w Worońcu, Warszawa, 2000

    This book has been republished here for the new Aircraft Missing In Action Project website (AMIAP). The AMIAP was involved in researching the story of the B-17 that had crashed at Woroniec in June 1944. The book was written by AMIAP member for the ceremony of the memorial unveiling at the crash site in 2000.

    The people I got to know and could meet while researching this story are the reason why I will remember this period in my life to the end of my days. Apart from American veteran airmen from this crew, I had the honor to work with Polish veterans from the Partisan Unit of the 34th Infantry Regiment of AK (Armia Krajowa - Home Army). They were very brave, open and warm-hearted people. These veterans went through the hell of Nazi occupation in WWII and communist terror and regime after the war. But I have never seen any sorrow, disappointment, or bitterness in them. What was striking were their mutual bonds, solidarity and positive attitude.When they met, they were so enthusiastic and happy that it made me feel old compared to them (although I could have been easily their grandson).

    Vast majority of these veterans are now gone, bu they their memories and the memorial at Woroniec are still with us. We shall never forget them!

  • P. Kassák
    8th Air ForceAn Ordinary Day in 1945
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  • P. Chorążykiewicz
    15th Air Force Warplanes over Southeastern Poland
    Part One: the Slaughter of Stukas on 25 July 1944


  • R. Panek i K. Wielgus
    459th Bomb Group, 15th Air Force 8th Air Force 15th Air Force Liberator in Gorce Mountains
    Aviation Heritage 2003 project
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